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Journeys Reading Book
Journeys Reading Book

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Tech Challenge
Tech Challenge


Cattle Drive

Inventors Change the World

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

New Americans & The Labor Movement

Rural Life and Life in Growing Cities


The Ocean Floor

Expanding Overseas and The Progressive Movement

Ocean Movement

World War I

Force and Motion

An Industrial Nation & The Roaring Twenties

The Good Times End and The New Deal

World War II Begins

The Home Front & The World at War

The Post War World


African Americans & Civil Rights and The Cold War Continues

Years of Change and Changing World, Changing Roles

Economy and Trade & New Dangers


Elisa's Diary

Rails Across the Nation and Pioneers on the Plains

Cowboys and Miners and War in the West

Mixtures and Solutions

Solutions, Solubility, Harmful Mixtures, and Environment

Ocean Floor

Kid Blog

Performance Tasks

Ocean Floor Field Trip

Science Quizlets
Matter-vocabulary-Pearson SC Grade 5

Social Studies Quizlets

Expanding West & Overseas-Pearson - Part 1

Expanding West & Overseas Part 2

Industry and Immigration-Pearson

Good Times and Hardships Part 1

World War II, Part 2

World Wart II Part 1

Good Times and Hardships Part 2

The Cold War Part 2

The Cold War-Part One

Americans Today

America Changes