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Scholastic Book Wizard
Scholastic Book Wizard

A great site to check out the level of the book you are reading.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder
Accelerated Reader Book Finder

A great site to find out the level of the book you are reading.


A variety of reading and math games at all levels.


A variety of math and reading games at all levels.

Know it All

ETV's educational web portal for K-12

National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic for Kids

A great site for kids to explore.


My Math
My Math

A link to your math series - includes your workbook pages, extra help, games, and more!

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

Solutions/Solutbility/Harmful Mixtures/Pollution

Constructive and Destructive Processes

The Ocean Floor Landforms

Ocean Movement, Ocean Shore Zone Etc.

Force and Motion


Mixtures and Solutions

The Ocean Floor

Matter - Pearson

Reconstruction - Pearson

Expanding West and Overseas - Part One - Pearson

Industry and Immigration - Pearson

Struggle for Reform - Pearson

Good Times and Hardships - Part 1

Good Times and Hardships - Part Two

World War II - Part One

Word War II - Part Two

The Cold War - Part One

The Cold War - Part Two

America Changes

Americans Today

Journey - Think Central - Reading Book Website