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Frequently Asked Questions  


Question: What are the classroom rules?


Respect teacher and other adults

Respect peers and classmates

Respect yourself

Thumbs Up:                                                  Thumbs Down:

1. Verbal praise                                               1. Verbal Reminder

2. Sticker                                                        2. Loss of stamp

3. Snack                                                          3. Call or note to parent

4. Extra center time                                            4. Note to the office

5. Treat from treasure box

6. Good note to parent

7. Good note to principal

8. Stamp on behavior card

Question:  When are annual reviews?

Answer:   Annual Reviews are held each year during the months of February and March.  Parents will receive an invitation at least 7 days before the annual review will be held. Refer to the second page of the invitation letter as this needs to be returned to Mrs. George. You may choose to attend the IEP meeting in person as scheduled, request a new date and time that meets your needs, request a telephone conference and provide a good contact number, or not attend the meeting but have the paperwork sent home for you to review.

Question: When can a meeting be held to discuss the current IEP?

Answer:   A meeting can be held at any time during the school year when all members of the committee can be in attendance. Every 3 years the team will meet to discuss eligibility and make plans for further evaluations if more information is needed.

Question:  When do state testing and district testing take place?

Answer:  State assessments are typically given each spring to students in grades 3-5.  At this time students take SC-Ready for ELA and Math. They take SC-PASS for Science and Social Studies in 4th grade. MAP and STAR testing is given on computer in the fall, winter, and spring to students in grades K-5.

Question:  What is Success Day?

Answer:  Success Day is held at the end of each 9 week grading periods.  Awards are given to students at this time.  A schedule will go home to let you know the time for this event.

Question:  Who will be teaching the resource and self-contained students?

Answer:  Mrs. George and Mrs. Ryals will be working with these students.  Mr. Tucker is the instructional assistant and will work with the students as well. Services can be provided on a consultative bases, through inclusion in general education, and through a pull-out model in the resource classroom.