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Class Information

Classroom Information  

Welcome to the beginning of an exciting and challenging phase of your child’s education! Your son/daughter’s achievements during this time will continue to build the foundation for further education. The fifth grade curriculum has been designed to help ensure success during this critical time period.


I am a firm believer in teamwork and communication. Your child will be learning in cooperative teams, as well as receiving individualized instruction. I will be keeping you informed of your son/daughter’s progress through report cards, conferences, frequent grade reports, and notes in the agenda. A classroom newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each month to keep you informed of classroom activities and areas of study. The testing schedule and homework assignments are available on my webpage. You are invited to visit and participate in our classroom. I welcome your phone calls and emails. As you know, your support and encouragement are extremely valuable in assisting in your child’s growth.


Thank you for taking the time to read the attached information. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. The number at McDonald Elementary is 527-3485, and my email address is I am looking forward to a great year filled with success and growth for your child!







Our special area schedule will change each quarter. This is the schedule for the first nine weekls  

              MONDAY - Digital Lab


             TUESDAY –  Physical Education


             WEDNESDAY – Music


             THURSDAY – Art


             FRIDAY – Physical Education


Please remind your child to wear sneakers on the days we have P.E.







          McDonald Elementary has Universal breakfast and lunch which allows all students to eat at no expense to the student. Please make sure your child has a nutritious breakfast as our class does not eat lunch until about 12:10.




 If your child's method of transportation home changes (even for one day), please notify me or the school either by note or a phone call.  I can not go by your child's word alone for safety reasons.  Your child's safety is extremely important to all of us.  Please help us with timely notes and phone calls.  Thank you in advance.




          Successful completion of homework is extremely important, as it allows your child an opportunity to practice and reinforce the skills that have been taught in the classroom. Homework assignments are checked each morning, and your child has the opportunity to earn acquire more knowledge and make himself/herself eligible for the monthly homework reward.

          Please encourage your child to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Research shows, as with anything else, the more a person practices, the better he/she will become. Please remind your child to record the amount of time he/she reads on the reading log in the homework folder, and initial to verify the reading has been completed. I can not stress enough the value your child will gain from this nightly reading.

          In addition to the nightly reading, your child will also have a variety of homework assignments. These assignments will be sent home in the homework folder and will be written in your child’s agenda, which will require your signature upon completion. If students choose to not complete part or all of their homework, they will lose part or all of their recess. Thank you for your valuable assistance with these procedures.






          The following items will be helpful for the school year:


                   Three wide ruled composition books (marbled)


                    Four notebooks with four folders


                   Wide ruled loose-leaf paper


                   Number 2 pencils


                   Erasers and a pencil sharpener with a lid




                   Many students find index cards to be great tools for studying

                        vocabulary (use for making flashcards) and Post its

                   Please do not bring Trapper Keepers or pencil boxes (the zippered pencil bags

                   are fine)


                  Any donations of hand sanitizer and tissues would be greatly

                     appreciated. Thank you!!












         Give 110% of yourself! Push yourself to read more, write


          more, and learn more! Come to school prepared and


          ready to participate.




          Respect yourself, others, and property. Conduct yourself


          appropriately (remain in your seat, keep hands and feet


         to yourself, raise your hand). Remember you are


         responsible for yourself and your actions.




          We are all on the same team! Uphold your end and


         Reach out to others to give and receive assistance.


         Absolutely no put downs.








1. Warning


2. Silent lunch


3. Silent lunch and part of recess


4. Silent lunch and no recess


5. Silent lunch, no recess, and parent notification


6. Visit to the principal’s office






1. Learning will occur!!


2. Praise and recognition through awards, certificates, notes, and phone calls to parents!




          Please have your child keep all toys, cards, cell phones, electronic games, colored pens, fidget spinners, etc. at home. We want to minimize distractions, so we can keep our focus on learning. If your child chooses to bring these items to school, they will either be returned to the parent or returned to the student on the last day of school. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.






McDonald Elementary School’s phone number is 527-3485. If I can not be reached directly, I do have voice mail which I check daily. My extension number is 2104. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


My email address is anorton@ Due to our district’s filtering system, I do not always get my emails, so please do not think I am ignoring you! I check my email daily and will respond to you in timely fashion if I receive your email.


The district website is . You can reach the McDonald site by clicking on McDonald Elementary School. To access my homepage, please click on staff and then Amy Norton.


Homework assignments can be obtained via phone as well as from my webpage. First, dial McDonald’s number (527-3485) and then put in extension 4125. You will then hear a recording of the nightly homework assignment for my class.