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September News Letter  



Ryals Resource News


* Breakfast: 7:00-7:25

* Bell rings and students enter classrooms at 7:25.

* School ends at 2:15

* Car riders should be picked up between 2:15—2:30

New This Fall      

             Here we are at the beginning of a new school year with some changes to our program. Mrs. George and I have worked hard to develop a new schedule with two types of service models to best meet the needs of our students. Inclusion: Allows students to be included in all instruction in their regular education classrooms. We provide a large part of our reading and math services within the regular education classroom through co-teaching. We are able to support students in the large group as well as small group. Being in the regular education classroom with our students allows us to be more aware of difficulties they may be experiencing. We are also better able to ensure classroom accommodations are implemented and work is being completed and understood. So far this model of service is working out very well.

Resource: Pull out for minimum amount of time to work in small groups. We do this model when services cannot be met within the regular classroom. We will try to ensure that students do not miss out on whole class instruction when they leave their rooms.

Currently Studying:

Math– Place Value: Standard, Expanded, and Word Form. Students will need to practice reading, writing, and comparing large numbers. All students have been provided with a login and password to www.Connected.Mcgrawhill.com. Try it out with your child.

Reading– Journeys and Read Well: Telling the parts found in a story (Characters, Setting, and Plot), blending sounds, reading fluency, and comprehension. Practice at home at www.https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do

Please be sure to read with your child daily. Keep us posted on any concerns you may have about your child’s progress.

September 5: Labor Day

No School


September 22: First day of Fall