Subjects Taught
Third Grade


Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South  Carolina

Bachelors of Arts Education

Major: Elementary Education


Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Masters of Technology in Education

Major: Technology in Education



I am currently a third grade teacher at McDonald Elementary School. After I completed my elementary education studies at Coastal Carolina University, I completed my internship in third grade at McDonald Elementary School. In 2003 I was hired to teach fourth grade at McDonald Elementary. Later I returned back to the classroom, and studied technology in education. In 2006 I graduated from Lesley University with a masters in technology in education. Since then I have continued to be actively engaged in the newest technology advances to enhance students’ learning. I have taught both third and fourth grade. The McDonald School family has supported me as an intern student and a teacher. I have grown in my profession as an educator over the years. The McDonald School Seagulls will continue to work hard this year to Grow the Champion in each one of our students.




A Teacher in the Making


     Teachers play a very important role in our educational system. As I reflect on the reasons why I became a teacher, many thoughts race through my mind.


     As a young student, I was always eager to learn new things. I could remember playing school with my friends in the backyard. I was always the teacher and my friends were in my class. That leadership role led me to participate in the Teacher Cadet Program at my high school. Mrs. Squires, my teacher inspired me to become a teacher based on her observations during the program. She always gave me positive feedback. I later decided to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I was born and raised, attended public schools, and now teach in Georgetown County.


     In conclusion, I believe that I was a teacher in the making since my childhood years. My role now is to provide an inviting classroom environment where all students can learn and feel special.